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Substitute credit may be earned in two ways, by:

Because many students can use additional help with their learning skills, attendance in certain “Student Success Workshops” can lead to assignment credit (see the Mech 1 syllabus).  These workshops are free to registered students.  

See your instructor if information is not available on the link.

Workshop topics from the above list that may be used for substitute credit include the following, but others may be acceptable (send me an e-mail for approval):

Academic Organizational Skills
Academic Skills Academy: English
Analysis in Writing

Citing in MLA
Evaluating Information and Misinformation
Study in Style

Textbook Navigation & Note-taking Skills
Time Management Techniques

Students may only submit up to two substitute credit requests total (chosen from the Success Workshops and/or the activity improvements).   

Send an e-mail with any questions (about workshop suitability, etc.).

When the workshop is completed, the student must submit both of the following by the due date:

  1. The workshop presenter's signature on his/her original official attendance form (shown below).
  2. A copy of one page from the student's notes taken during the workshop.

For each workshop successfully completed, an activity grade may be substituted with a 100% score.  

  • If, for example, a student received a 70% on an activity, it could be replaced by a 100% score with the successful completion of a workshop.
  • If a student has all 100% activity grades, the extra credit may be substituted for a low quiz grade.  
  • Once the student has chosen which grade to replace, the new grade cannot be changed to a different activity.  
  • There will be no substitute credit allowed if the workshop is canceled for whatever reason (even though the student may have tried to attend).

Workshop guidelines:

  • Workshop titles, topics and rules for credit are subject to change and Mr. Robinson has the final decision on suitability of any workshop for substitute credit.  
  • "Substitute credit" is intended to "substitute" for low scores, not to replace missed grades.  
  • Activity exercises are part of the required curriculum and must be completed to be eligible for substitute credit.  A "0" (zero) grade will not be eligible for substitution.  Credit sharing/transfer isn't allowed.

Students who would prefer an alternative to a Success Workshop can see one described on THIS PAGE.

Possibility of a grade improvement:

  • There are many factors that contribute to how much a student's overall grade may or may not be improved by participating in substitute credit activities.
  • The change may not be enough to affect the recorded letter grade for the class.
  • Substitute credit is intended as an incentive to encourage enhancement of student learning skills (not buffer student grades).

Participation in any supplemental credit activity (substitute credit, extra credit) that requires presence at a different school location and/or a time that differs from the usual class period is undertaken at the student's own discretion and risk, is completely voluntary and optional and will always have an equivalent alternative assignment available.

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"Bobby Lewis said this once to us in class, 'The better you get, the less credit you'll get.  Because the better you are, the more it looks like walking and talking and everybody thinks they can walk and talk.' "
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