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Mechatronics Department safety rules* require that approved safety glasses be worn by every student in the classroom when appropriate (photos below).

Without the correct type of ANSI approved safety glasses, you will not be allowed to participate in any activity that requires them (e.g., hands-on activities, etc.) and may be required to leave the classroom during that time.  Activities usually may not be "made up," so you may lose the grade for that task if you didn't bring them.

Click or tap below for answers to often-asked questions about safety glasses:

  • Safety glasses must be available to be worn every session.

  • Class schedules may change unexpectedly and a task that requires safety glasses may occur without advance notice.
  • Hardware stores
  • Tool outlet stores
  • Building supply stores
  • The school bookstore
  • Big-box retail stores
  • Auto-parts retailers
  • On-line (have a shipping delay)
  • The cost of safety glasses can be relatively small.

  • A local "tool" outlet sells the "wrap-around" and the "over-the-glasses" types (see photos below) regularly on sale for as little as two dollars plus tax.

  • Wearing comfortable, fog-free safety glasses can be an important consideration, which may be worth the additional cost.
  • Once an activity begins that requires safety glasses they must be worn continuously, even if it seems that they are not needed at that moment.
    • A nearby student may inadvertently cause something to happen that may be hazardous to your eyes.
    • Because the classroom is full of students who's actions may pose a risk, anyone not wearing safety glasses may be required to leave the room.

  • In our Mechatronics program, safety glasses are required and used for many hours of class time.  
    • Consider buying ones that are both comfortable and easy to see through (clear and don't fog up).
  • No.  The instructor cannot lend you safety glasses.
    • This is due to cleanliness / hygiene considerations.

  • You're at your own risk if:
    • you borrow safety glasses
    • use someone else's
    • use a pair found in the room.
  • No.  You may not share the same safety glasses with anyone during an activity.
    • There must be one pair of safety glasses per student.
    • Passing one pair back-and-forth is not permissible.
  • No.  Your eyeglasses, sunglasses, skiing and motorcycle goggles are not likely ANSI approved safety glasses.

  • They are certified safety glasses only when the lenses and/or frames are imprinted with the ANSI standard number, Z87 or Z87+ (see the "How do I know if they are ANSI approved?" topic below).

  • Some cheap "dollar" look-a-likes that say "safety glasses" may not be approved.

  • When in doubt, the instructor will check for that imprint.
  • If you wear eyeglasses, the safety glasses must be made specifically for eyeglass wearers.

  • Goggle-type or over-the-glasses type safety glasses must be used by eyeglass wearers (see photos below).

  • Safety glasses intended for non-eyeglass wearers may not be used over or under eyeglasses.

  • Approved safety glasses must have clear lenses.
    • Unless there is a medical reason to use them, dark lenses will not be allowed for safety reasons.

  • If you are in doubt about a purchase:
    • ask the teacher
    • be sure to save the receipt and packaging for a possible refund.
  • If the glasses don't have the imprint as shown below, do not buy them.  Some "dollar store" types won't.

    Ansi mark on wrap-around safety glasses.Ansi mark on goggle-type safety glasses.Ansi mark on over-glasses style

  • Safety glasses must conform to a higher standard of impact resistance and durability than regular eyewear for both lenses and frames.

  • Safety-glass standards were established by ANSI (the private, nonprofit, American National Standards Institute) and were adopted by OSHA. 

 Photo examples of the basic styles of allowed safety glasses:

Wrap -around safety glasses photo.Goggle-type safety glasses photo.
Over-the-glasses style safety eyewearSplash-resistant safety glasses.

*"Personal protective eye wear conforming to ANSI Z87.1 must be worn by every student in the classroom any time there is a potential hazard that could adversely affect a person’s eyes and/or face.  You must furnish your own eye protection which can be purchased at an automotive parts retailer, hardware store or from the campus bookstore at a nominal cost."
                MECH Dept. Chair., Aug., 2008
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“Fear is the father of courage and the mother of safety.”

               Henry H. Tweedy (1868-1953)
               Professor and Musician

©2008 W. Michæl Robinson




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