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Mike's photo The curious might want to know about their next (or first) electronics teacher, Mike Robinson.  

From where did this guy come, what else has he done and where does he think he's going?

thirty-three year award plaqueA self-described electronics enthusiast, part-time teacher and former professional technician, William "Mike" Robinson has been a part-time instructor at Sierra College since the spring of 1985 (see award photo).  During that time, he has been a member of the Electronics Technology Department, the Computer Integrated Electronics Department and now the Mechatronics Department.  He has taught at least these sections:

  • ET 10, 12, 20 and 21
  • CIE 5, 8, 10, 16, 20, 24, and 30
  • MECH 1, 10 and 14

Before discovering electronics, Mr. Robinson was a history/political-science major at university and has subsequently been a:

  • professional radio announcer (5kW AM--50,000 Watt FM)
  • retail salesperson (electronics)
  • security patrolman (armed & licensed)
  • rescue person (ambulance EMT, winter survival/rescue, avalanche rescue)
  • structural firefighter (state-certified)
  • professional dishwasher
  • high-school (ROP) teacher
  • successful entrepreneur (started two entertainment businesses)

His interests in electronics began in earnest when he enrolled in college again to learn how to troubleshoot the devices he was already busy building.  This advancement inadvertently led to a vocation.  He has since worked for a diverse group of electronics-industry employers in positions that include:

  • assembly / assembly supervisor
  • board test
  • final system test
  • quality control
  • engineering aide
  • PCB designer
  • division / department supervisor
  • service-school instructor
  • design draftsperson
  • project engineer

His avocations include:

  • documenting family get-togethers and vacations
  • gathering family history and anecdotes
  • being an inspiring elder to his family's younger generations

Mike's future ambitions center on:

  • being the best teacher he can be, eventually trying to retire with some dignity in what may be a post-social-security era.

So, if you prefer a teacher who has:

  • three decades of real-life, on-the-job technical experience
  • more than thirty years of teaching experience
  • followed a practice of only teaching classes to which that real-life profession applies
  • the experience of what it's like to work a full-time job and go to night school
  • a passion to express the excitement of teaching his long-time hobby

Then sign up for one of his classes.

Now, please scroll back to the top of this page and enjoy the rest of!

"YES, I'm a teacher PART TIME!"
"Indiana" Jones to his son.
           Indiana Jones and the Kingdom
           of the Crystal Skull (2008)

"Teaching a student who wants to learn is the most gratifying activity, and the most gratifying result is when they get a job."
           Mike Robinson, teacher

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