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  1. The websites SierraCollegeMechatronics, MECH-101 (and possibly others) are presented as a temporary service to students officially enrolled in MECH classes taught by this instructor.  Access to the sites may be required to perform some necessary activities (e.g., look at the class schedule), but all necessary information will be supplied as text by written request.  The site's existence is not meant as a substitute for attending class sessions and is not for "on-line learning."  Students with accessibility issues should contact the instructor within the first two weeks of the semester.  The sites are not intended to counsel students about the Sierra College Mechatronics Program or their education and are not intended to promote or advise on any educational or vocational pathway.
  2. This site and its contents are not intended for people under the age of sixteen.  
    Those under the age of sixteen should exit this site immediately and not send any personal information (including name, address, age, e-mail address or e-mail) to this site.

  3. This site does not intentionally collect or store any information that can individually identify the visitor as long as e-mails are not directed here.  There are no "third party" information-gathering devices or methods.  Except what browsers do as part of their function, no intentional additions are made to any visitor's computer.

  4. Please do not send any unsolicited ideas, personal concerns, potential inventions, artwork or schematics to this site.  By submitting ideas, suggestions, and/or documents to this site in any format, through any suggestion or submission mechanism, you acknowledge and agree that your submissions do not contain confidential or proprietary information, that this site's owners are not under any obligation of confidentiality, express or implied, with respect to the submissions and that this site's owners shall be entitled to use or disclose such submissions for any purpose, in any way the site's owners choose and any where they choose.

  5. E-mails dealing with school and/or classroom related topics and questions should only be sent to the instructor's official e-mail address, available here.  School e-mail policies are here (cf. Board and Administrative Policy 3720).  E-mail content sent to this site, or to domains and addresses associated with this site, become our property and may be used in any way we want.  Content will be considered to be in the public domain once received.  E-mail addresses are not intentionally shared with anyone unless required by law.  In no instance will students grades or other private information be sent to them by e-mail or discussed with a third party unless required by law.

  6. Transferal and use of information from this site to any device for any purpose is done so at the user's own risk.  Website information and downloads are provided "as-is" and "as-available" for conceptual purposes only and do not constitute engineering or professional services, advice or design data, may not be functional or complete, are not meant for any particular application and are without any expressed or implied warranty of any kind.  No information given by this website's owners or operators shall create a warranty.  Creators of this website are not responsible or liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense including errors, omissions or damages, either direct, indirect, compensatory, treble, actual, punitive, special, incidental, expectancy, exemplary or consequential that may arise out of the use of this information.

  7. The entire site and all downloads are copyrighted and a single copy or replacement copy is available only for the personal use of students currently and officially enrolled in the Sierra College classes for which the material is intended.
  8. Classroom "hands on" activities are not homework.  They are intended to be constructed and analyzed in the classroom under appropriate supervision using necessary safety equipment.  Students who attempt these activities elsewhere, for whatever reason, do so at their own risk.  The warnings, cautions and instructions outlined in hands-on exercises and listed in safety requirements pages cannot cover all the possible conditions and situations that may occur when dealing with electrical and/or electronic equipment and fabrication tools.  Common sense, caution and respect for potential danger and safety precautions are among the factors that cannot be supplied by the instruction or by written materials and must be provided by each student.  Student/teacher projects depicted on this site may not be tested, may not function as described and the designs should not be copied.

  9. All information, including biographical samples, timelines, sample assignments and assignment/test "help" may contain inaccuracies, typographical errors, factual errors and may be based on opinion.  No representations are made about the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or timeliness of this website's information, about the results to be obtained from using the website and the information or its ability to meet any educational, business or professional needs or satisfy any user requirements.  All data is introductory, is not intended to be scholarly research and is not intended to be used as a research or design information source.  Substantiate any and all information with verifiable research sources.  The material on the "comment" pages is optional reading, may contain personal information and may be exaggerated or be based solely on opinion; therefore, the language may be more explicit, reader discretion is advised and the information should be validated and used at your own risk.

  10. Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) listed on the website are copied for student convenience from the list of official SLO information.  As it is possible that these may change, the official college website should always be consulted for the current, official list.  

  11. Times and dates (e.g., due dates and deadlines), when automatically updated on the sites, may depend on the accuracy of the calendar/clock of the visitor's computer and the time zone to which it is aligned.  

  12. Participation in any supplemental credit activity (substitute credit, extra credit) that occurs at a different school location and/or a time that differs from the usual class period is undertaken at the student's own discretion and risk, is completely voluntary and optional and will always have an equivalent alternative assignment available. 

  13. Images and image "thumbnails" used on the site are reproduced for nonprofit educational fair-use only and all copyrights belong to their owners.  Images of commercial products are shown as examples only, not for compensation, and no endorsement or recommendation is implied.  The use of photos of student projects is by permission and all rights are reserved by the project builder.  Trademarks and servicemarks are also used for nonprofit educational purposes to the benefit of their respective owners.

  14. Links on the site and references to other sites are informational only and no endorsement or recommendation is implied. This site's owners accept no compensation for any link or reference on this site.  Privacy policies may differ among linked or referenced sites.  A limited, revocable, nonexclusive right to create a hyperlink to the index page of this website is given so long as the content or website is not shown in a derogatory, offensive, misleading or false manner which shall be determined solely by this site's owner.  Mirroring, "deep linking," framing, inline linking or reposting this site, using hidden text or meta tags such as "MECH-101" or "" and/or charging for access to this site is expressly forbidden.   Requirements and other regulatory and safety information referenced by links that point to other pages on the site apply, and have as much force and importance, as though that information actually is written on the page where the link appears.

  15. Although SierraCollegeMechatronics and MECH-101 (and others) may be associated with classes taught at Sierra College, they are privately funded and may be discontinued, interrupted, delayed or may change at any time without notice.  These are not official Sierra College websites and Sierra College has no control over the material on the site or the material available for download.  Student/school policies outlined on these sites may be superseded by the official Sierra College Catalog or other official school sources.  

  16. These websites refer to classes taught by one of the school's large group of contingent faculty.  He is a temporary, part-time instructor who has no reasonable expectation of rehire.  Even though his name may be on the schedule, there is no guarantee that he will be employed to teach classes.  It is always possible that a full-time instructor could take the assignments, the classes canceled or the contingent instructor be dismissed or resign, in which case the site's materials and information may no longer apply and may no longer be available.

  17. This site's operators have no control over the Internet, including, but not limited to, this site's host, the user's ISP and the many interconnections in-between.  Visiting this site, or any site, may subject the visitor to unwanted scrutiny which may compromise their privacy.  No warranty is made that this site will operate error-free or that this website or its server are free of computer viruses or other harmful software/code.

  18. Class requirements described on any page are to be considered as valid and to have as much force and importance as if they were on a "class requirements" or "syllabus" page.  Links on requirements pages are extensions of that page.  Class requirements are subject to change at any time without notice.

  19. If any of the conditions on this page are not acceptable, please do not download from this site.  If users are dissatisfied with any of this website's information, terms, conditions, rules, policies, guidelines, or practices, their sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using this website.

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